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Specialties of doctors


Psychiatry specializes in the study of the origin and occurrence of abnormal processes and phenomena in the human psyche, and the psychiatrist is a doctor who diagnoses, treats and prevents mental health anomalies in patients. In the literal sense of the word "psychiatrist" has the translation "soul healer" that best describes the profession.
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The drinks

Spinach juice

People got acquainted with spinach relatively recently. It is not particularly grown in their country houses, but due to its beneficial properties and applications, it can often be seen on the shelves of supermarkets. The history of spinach The first low-calorie vegetable found in Persia. European countries learned about the plant in the Middle Ages.
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Medical research and diagnostics


Audiometry is a procedure for the study of human hearing, the process of determining auditory sensitivity to sound vibrations. Through its implementation, it is possible to determine the so-called “threshold of hearing” in a patient. Audiometrical research is carried out by an audiologist who specializes in identifying and treating hearing problems.
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My rose

The rose, as it is known, is a symbol of Bulgaria. Since ancient times, this country has been famous for the cultivation of special varieties of oil rose, as well as for the extraction of rose oil. In Bulgaria there is also the famous Valley of Roses - a region where a large number of pink plantations are located. This area of ​​the state is the center of production of valuable rose oil.
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Health information

How blood type affects human health

In recent decades, increased attention to the topic of the influence of blood types on human health and behavior. Some people choose diets according to the type of red blood cells, others are interested in the topic of the relationship between character and blood, while others are looking closely on the Internet for information about whether the blood type affects human health, and the fourth all consider this no more than fiction.
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Nutritional supplements

Ortho-phenylphenol sodium salt (E232)

Artificial food supplement E232 is known in the industry as the sodium salt of orthophenylphenol or sodium orthophenylphenol. The substance and its effect on humans have not been fully studied to date, respectively, it is not authorized in all countries of the world. However, where it can be used in food, the supplement acts as a powerful preservative for fruits and vegetables.
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