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The addiction of many people to treatment with prescriptions from alternative medicine has led to the fact that many patients turned to clinics with diseases at an advanced stage. To prevent such a development of events, it was decided to create a whole separate medical course. It proposes the use of natural remedies for healing on an official basis.

For this, experts used knowledge from traditional medicine, confirmed results of scientific research and other information recognized by world scientists. So naturopathy was born, where the doctor suggests using your own strengths and energy reserves to obtain the desired result.

Despite the fact that now there is a professional organization of such doctors in the world, not everyone still believes in the effectiveness of such a treatment. Even the reviews of people to whom the technique has helped do not help them move away from their stereotypes. But after all, the principles of naturopathy are clear to everyone since childhood, such as tips for making calendula flowers to gargle sore throats.

Different facets

Unlike most branches of the so-called traditional medicine, the components of naturopathy have many facets. The most popular of them is aromatherapy, the basics of which were laid back in ancient centuries.

Today, its principles are found in proposals for the sanatorium recovery of the body, which once again confirms the adoption of the branch of naturopathy as an effective tool. This technique has proven itself not only as an aid in the treatment of a particular disease, which is especially characteristic of problems in the respiratory system, but also as a preventative measure.

An apitherapy is considered to be an equally popular solution, which the inhabitants often use, even without suspecting that they have joined the club of adherents of unusual treatment. Apitherapy is called beekeeping healing.

People are usually limited to honey, but professionals do not bypass royal jelly, propolis, wax, and even bee venom. With the help of the latter, specialists get rid of the pain syndrome using home-made beds installed on the hives.

Another familiar method is hirudotherapy. It is about using medical leeches. A few hundred years ago, in such a simple way, doctors treated everyone in a row from almost all ailments. There really is a point in this, but only with the rational use of leech resources.

A rather complicated way to alleviate the patient’s condition is climatotherapy. It is based on the conversion of certain climate features to their advantage. This technique provides for a long period, but with a slow recovery of the body's forces, the chances of recovering with relapse again remain at a minimum.

A striking example of climate therapy is the relocation of people with tuberculosis or other pulmonary problems to regions with clean air. For this, mountainous areas, where there are many coniferous trees, are suitable. Previously, it was a change of scenery to a milder climate that chronic bronchitis with lungs weakened after tuberculosis was treated.

Among the other branches of naturopathy practiced, there are several more unusual and at the same time effective versions:

  1. Homeopathy. Against the background of knowledge about medicinal plants, the modern pharmaceutical industry was born. Initially, pharmacists themselves made drugs using microscopic doses of extracts of plants or animal components. This branch of science is used today, only it should begin to be treated with homeopathic remedies after checking the qualifications of the doctor. After all, extracts benefit only in small doses, and if the permissible norms are exceeded, the medicine can turn into a deadly poison.
  2. Stone therapy. The name of the category came from the English language, as the literal translation of "stone" translates as "stone". For the technique, heated stones are used. Today, stone therapy is especially popular in spa salons.
  3. Music therapy. Its effectiveness is proved by the results of numerous studies not only with plants, but also with laboratory animals and even pregnant women.
  4. Phytotherapy. It functions according to the principle of homeopathy, because of which the two structures are often confused or even combined at all. But for herbal medicine they use exclusively representatives of the flora. Meet herbal preparations from high blood pressure, to strengthen the heart muscle or with a diuretic effect, it will turn out in any pharmacy.

There are more specific courses like thalassotherapy, when treatment revolves around seafood. This campaign in Israel is especially publicized, where the following are used:

  • seaweed;
  • salt;
  • mud.

If there is no opportunity to visit distant countries to stabilize well-being, then you can take advantage of what is closer. Suitable for this treatment with the help of correctly calculated physical activity, diet therapy or just medical nutrition. Not only a naturopathologist, but also an experienced nutritionist or even attending specialist doctor like a cardiologist, gynecologist, endocrinologist will help to cope with the latter.

The second youth is now experiencing acupuncture. In Asian countries, it has not lost its relevance for thousands of years, and it is not in vain that there is a full-fledged association of such experts with the appropriate license.

But in the Slavic countries, not everyone is literally ready to go under the needles. Someone is afraid, but someone still does not believe that sharp instruments can activate biologically active points. There are those who simply can’t wait to get the result right away, and with acupuncture of magical transformation in one session, it is unlikely to be achieved.

The final popular solution is hydrotherapy. Moreover, if earlier only mineral or thermal fluids were used for this, now separate exercises have appeared, where ordinary tap water appears. It is recommended to drink it according to a certain principle and to pass through a standard filter for reliability.

What organs does a natural therapist treat?

In contrast to the classical approaches to treatment, when the detection of a certain disease immediately begins to neutralize the consequences of the disease and stabilize the condition of the affected organ, naturopathy provides a different approach. Such doctors do not treat the disease itself; instead, they restore the body as a whole, eliminating the reasons for the development of pathology. Because of this, experts recommend a change in lifestyle, abandoning bad habits. Not all patients like this radical approach, which usually involves a longer treatment than usual. Some of those who initially want to do without radical measures or the impact of chemicals halfway abandon their undertakings.

A vivid example of how the principle of using natural tools works is the elimination of skin pathological manifestations like:

  • allergies
  • psoriasis;
  • eczema
  • dermatitis;
  • pyoderma.

In addition to drawing up an integrated approach to solving the emerging problem, the doctor must take into account possible aspects of a psychosomatic nature. The fact that emotional upheaval, depression or accumulated fatigue become impetus for the development of most diseases is a long-proven truth.

The nervous system, which has to cope with increased loads, simply begins to protest over time. This leads to:

  • muscle cramps;
  • vascular clamps;
  • clamps of nerve endings.

All this flows smoothly into problems with internal organs and the musculoskeletal system. The visitor complains of periodic unbearable pain in the lower back, neck, abdomen, shoulders. To figure out such a confusing clump of problems, you have to use several versions of the treatment. This allows you to achieve maximum efficiency.

And with a revision of outlook on life or even working in tandem with a psychologist, it will be possible to avoid relapses or at least minimize them. It is not in vain that the sages say that happy people even have glowing skin and are healthy from the inside.

Competence of a natural therapist

In addition to diagnoses that are closely related to the skin, there are many more problems that a natural therapist is struggling with. If we talk about deviations in the functioning of the digestive system, then here the leaders of popularity on demand are:

  • colitis;
  • gastritis;
  • pancreatitis
  • cholecystitis;
  • hepatitis.

Together with psychological support or a revision of the attitude towards oneself and the world around, one can get rid of asthenia, neurosis, insomnia, depression and vegetovascular dystonia.

Another group of diseases that can be completely cured with the right approach are considered ailments regarding destabilization of the upper and lower respiratory tract. Some people even negated the manifestations of bronchial asthma, what can we say about:

  • tracheitis;
  • chronic bronchitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • emphysema;
  • adenoiditis;
  • tonsillitis.

If the applicant finds a really experienced doctor in naturopathic science, then he can overcome even quite serious heart disorders like ischemia, hypertension or arrhythmia.

A separate stream to naturopaths is the turn of patients from the endocrine department of hospitals. Many of them despair of finding help on the side of drug treatment, so they are looking for ways to get rid of thyroid dysfunction in alternative ways. The same pattern applies to those who wish to reduce the manifestations of diabetes of all degrees.

They are found in such doctors who work exclusively with gynecological pathologies, diseases of certain organs or ailments characteristic of a weakened immune system.

But here are any conditions that directly threaten human life and health, these experts do not treat. Here it is necessary to urgently seek help from the nearest hospital so that the staff conduct resuscitation or urgent surgical intervention.

Reasons to contact

It would be useful to turn to a naturopathologist if the patient had a respiratory illness the day before or was attacked by an intestinal infection, which triggered a destructive process in the genitourinary and digestive systems.

During the recovery period after recently undergoing surgery, you should also seek the qualified help of such a pro.

It is also worth thinking about making an appointment if the victim is often worried about at least a few of the following symptoms:

  • headache;
  • constant weakness for no reason;
  • dizziness;
  • insomnia;
  • dry mouth
  • increased heart rate;
  • coughing and sneezing, which last more than a week;
  • nausea with irregular pain in the abdomen;
  • problems with going to the toilet of any nature;
  • destabilization of the menstrual cycle;
  • skin rashes, itching and dryness;
  • jumps in blood pressure;
  • brittle hair and dandruff;
  • overweight;
  • joint pain.

But even if the victim is concerned about some atypical complaints that are not listed, this is not a reason to refuse to consult.

Diagnostic procedures

In addition to examining and listening to accumulated complaints, the doctor should prescribe additional tests depending on the suspicion. The list of mandatory for execution included a general analysis of blood and urine, and then everything is strictly according to circumstances.

Some patients just have to pass biochemistry, while others have to undergo glucose testing or immunological tests. Moreover, in the latter case, it is not only a suspicion of HIV, but also helminthic infestations or latent allergic reactions.

Those who have a related predisposition to endocrine abnormalities will have to take a hormonal test. And those complaining about problems with the gastrointestinal tract need to collect material for the analysis of feces.

Specific tests include swabs from the urethra, vagina, cervix, and flora. With their help, it will be possible to establish possible inflammatory processes in the genitals of men and women.

In addition to laboratory tests, to obtain a more accurate clinical picture, instrumental diagnostics will be required. It includes electrocardiograms, MRI, ultrasound, X-ray, coloscopy, colonoscopy, encephalogram, and a few more rare variations in determining problems.

Against the background of the answers received, the doctor determines the best program for future treatment, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient and his current needs of the body. Guided by natural means and the support of natural methods of alleviating the condition, the doctor, through joint efforts with the victim, will be able to neutralize the effects of the disease. And over time, completely rid the patient of him.

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