Barley flakes

Barley flakes are popular not only among dietary followers. Many adherents of a healthy lifestyle also give them preference, alternating them with other such specific cereals, among which wheat-barley combinations also found their consumer.

There are also buyers who like to eat such cereal for breakfast. Their preparation does not require significant time costs and cooking skills.

Such consumers like to buy barley, buckwheat and other varieties of cereal, so that they use different variations all week.

But most simply pour rye supplements into the box with the barley delicacy in the minimum dosage, making the energy value of the finished mixture higher. And if you pour wheat delicacies into the box, you can create a balanced breakfast in one fell swoop.

Origin history

Historians believe that Asia is the birthplace of barley. From there, people brought fashion to such simple and nourishing cereals, appreciating the nutritional value of a previously unfamiliar crop. Even today, in the Himalayan Mountains, people are actively growing such cereals.

The main advantage of culture is called unpretentiousness. She perfectly takes root even in the fields in rather arid regions.

Barley will survive in case of planting on soil that does not have a rich chemical composition for regular feeding of emerging plants. He is not even afraid of a dizzying height at about 5 thousand meters above sea level.

According to archaeological reports, the ancient Romans at one time actively leaned on dishes from this valuable cereal. Even the thinkers of that time did not bypass the representative of the flora, devoting scientific treatises to them. Even then, the sages believed that the addition of such grains to the daily diet promotes the development of mental activity.

Today, modern technologies make it possible to create cereals that are easy to digest from whole grains. To do this, developers resort to a special system, which provides for only a few stages. And although it is believed that cereal from whole grains will be of great benefit, this does not mean that cereals cannot boast of a positive effect on the body.

Initially, the harvest must be cleaned from husks, adhering dust and other dirt. After the preparatory procedure, the grains are sent under a special press. With its help, it turns out to transform the grain into flakes familiar to everyone. And here the fun begins. In some respects, processed barley has higher rates.

Also, the workpiece additionally goes through a steam treatment step. Such production secrets make it easy to cook the mixture purchased without the need to constantly monitor the process, standing at the stove.

If lean porridge has managed to annoy the eaters pretty much, there are many home options for enriching it with new tastes. To implement the plan, simply add to your own plate:

  • berries;
  • fruits;
  • nuts
  • honey;
  • jam or homemade jam.

Moreover, if the composition was initially neutral, that is, the manufacturer did not add some kind of filler there, then instead of walnuts, a handful of salted peanuts can be poured into the plate. Some people generally like the opposition of a salty and sweet taste.

And the mass remaining at the bottom of the saucepan should not be rushed to throw away if you can’t finish eating. To give her a second life, you must first learn how to cook various cosmetics. Barley masks perfectly help restore the condition of the skin, forced to withstand numerous negative external factors.

Not just a diet product

Most residents are used to the fact that this kind of product is positioned as a dietary product, which was facilitated by the ubiquitous advertising. But in fact, such breakfasts or even snacks will appeal to those who need an additional source of strength and energy.

Thank for this opportunity should be a balanced composition, which provides a huge vitamin complex, consisting of vitamins of the groups: PP, B, E.

This gives reason to consider processed grain no less useful than flour obtained from it. This is mainly due to the loading dose of natural protein. It gives the eater a feeling of fullness, which during an active physical activity or during the diet is an irreplaceable sensation.

Typically, the manufacturer prepares the recipes for the semi-prepared mixture for the convenience of the consumer on the packaging. They are not much different from each other, except that time can fluctuate, which directly depends on the subtlety of the obtained barley plate.

Typically, the instruction provides the need to boil water, and then pour it with a suitable amount of the mixture, based on the volume of liquid. Then cover the container so that the workpiece is steamed well, giving all the nutritional value. 5-10 minutes are enough for this.

If you plan to give a simple breakfast to children, then it is better to use hot milk instead of water. The semi-finished product also swells well in it. Instead of sugar, you should put a couple of tablespoons of natural honey. There you can cut a large banana so that the baby has more fun.

If you regularly indulge yourself with such breakfasts, you will be able to guarantee yourself stabilization of metabolism. Scientists claim that this dish on an ongoing basis allows the body to quickly and easily get rid of salts of heavy metals, as well as other toxins that poison the body from the inside.

Also, the goodness, even if made in the microwave, will turn into a real salvation for all those suffering from diabetes, or various degrees of obesity. Due to the presence of a large supply of dietary fiber, the product provokes the launch of cleansing processes, saving a person from unnecessary elements that interfere with healthy weight loss.

Goodies that have a budget value should be present in the daily diet of both young children and the elderly. Doctors say that with the cumulative effect, the components of the mixture become a reliable body shield, strengthening immunity. This property is especially useful to all those who in the winter often get sick with respiratory diseases.

Additionally, the product strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves the condition of the hair and has a beneficial effect on the growth of nail plates.

Also, cereal is considered an excellent prevention of ailments associated with destabilization of the digestive tract. But all this is possible only on the condition that those who wish to improve their health use only high-quality products that have passed certification and do not have harmful chemical additives. Because of this, many consumers prefer to buy ready-to-eat breakfasts only in supermarket departments that offer organic food.

The only significant harm that such a product can do is overeating, which provokes heaviness in the lower abdomen and even nausea. You should also be wary of food allergies. Otherwise, light breakfasts are positioned solely as a useful alternative to sandwiches.

Dietary Bagels

If the cereals in their pure form are tired of it, then it's time to do culinary experiments to please themselves and other family members with new treats. One of the simplest recipes for this is bagels, which are baked directly in the microwave.

For cooking, you need to take the following ingredients, strictly observing the adjusted proportions:

  • kefir - 500 g;
  • buckwheat flour - 50 g;
  • wheat bran food - 50 g;
  • barley flakes - 50 g;
  • cinnamon - a quarter of a teaspoon;
  • favorite dried fruits in the optimal amount;
  • soda - one fifth of a teaspoon.

The instructions for repeating are quite simple and begin with the need to pour kefir, soda and cinnamon into the bowl, thoroughly mixing the mixture. After this, bran, buckwheat flour with cereal is poured there. At the last stage of the preliminary stage, wheat flour is poured, after which the time of kneading begins.

Experts recommend reaching the condition when the dough will not stretch, but tear. To prevent the workpiece from sticking to your hands, you will need to add flour to the circumstances.

Having rolled the layer, it is cut into triangles in terms of the total diameter. Almost at the very edge, the selected dried fruit is laid out, and then the bagel rolls down to the center of the cut layer.

Next, a “draft” is laid out on a microwave plate pre-lined with parchment paper. Typically, four minutes in the microwave is enough to cook.

Flaky goodies

Another option for a fairly simple recipe is puff pastry. For it, you will need to prepare in advance:

  • 100 g of cottage cheese;
  • 50 jams;
  • 50 g butter;
  • 20 g flakes;
  • 100 g of flour;
  • 30 g of sugar.

As for jam, here you can choose according to your own desire, but experienced chefs advise you to start with a peach or apricot option.

First you need to grind flour, cereal, sugar and butter into crumbs. After that, the crumb is poured out in an even layer on a baking sheet and sent to warm in the oven.

To achieve an optimal result, it is worth preheating it to 180 degrees.

The crumb should be baked for about 10-15 minutes, and every five minutes the baking sheet should be removed to mix the resulting mass, preventing burning. As soon as the baby got a golden color, they take out the pan. Fans of sweets will have to find a beautiful jar or glass, which has a fairly wide throat. There lay out the layers according to the following scheme:

  • jam;
  • cottage cheese;
  • baby

Serving dessert is best right away, as there is a high risk of it getting wet soon. And to save time, you can prepare at least a kilo of crumbs before the arrival of guests.

It is well stored for several days after baking in a dry place under a closed lid in a jar.

Cosmetic application

In addition to the fact that cereals will become the basis for a revised diet in favor of a healthy lifestyle, they can be used for cosmetic procedures at home.

As soon as such a mass enters the skin, it begins to nourish the cells, triggering long asleep metabolic processes.

Beauty professionals advise you to use these masks in courses to achieve maximum productivity.

The main advantage of this cereal care is the ability to make the skin less dry. Since the cells finally receive the necessary percentage of healing moisture, the skin begins to look healthier.

Also, trace elements that contribute to the healing of small wounds or microcracks are responsible for the visible effect of improving the complexion.

With the constant use of home medicines, you can even save the aging skin, making it more toned. Outwardly smartness is expressed in clearer contours of the oval of the face.

Another secret is improved subcutaneous microcirculation. It is she who guarantees a healthy complexion, which cannot be achieved artificially by any decorative means.

There are separate recipes for barley scrubs that do not damage the upper layer of the skin, but only gently remove the dirt accumulated during the day and the “clogged” road dust.

With effective cleaning of the pores, it is possible to stabilize the long-stalled cell respiration. This allows the person to breathe, which is expressed in the reduction of rashes, redness and other inflammations.

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